Auto Title Loan Wired Direct Deposit to Account

WireLend is no longer offering auto title loans online that can be wired directly to your bank account. We now offer unsecured installment loans that are send directly to your bank and do not require an automobile title! The new loans require only your signature. If you complete the short application we will attempt to match you with a lender that may quickly send you a contract. You can choose to accept the contract or decline it. All terms are between you and the lender that chooses to fund your loan request. Learn more loan options available poor credit history.

Online Installment Loan with Direct Deposit


What is the difference between a title loan and an unsecured installment loan?

Auto Title Loans:

Many lenders offer auto title loans that require you to possess a car, motorcycle or any other vehicle that is acceptable. Although any model is eligible for the auto loan, the condition and the total value of the vehicle will be checked by the lender before determining the exact amount of loan that can be given. The lender may also check the ownership or clear titles and may require documentation pertaining to address and identity.

The loan is to be paid back at an agreed upon timeline as per the agreement. Lenders offer multiple payment options with auto loans just like an installment loan.


Installment Loans:

Many personal installment loans for auto repair provide up to a $2500 loan with an installment option. If you are not in a position to pay back the amount owed in a lump sum, installment loans are the best option. Unlike payday loans, there are flexible options for payment and you need to pay only a small monthly payment installment at scheduled dates. These loans do not require collateral as compared to the title loan that do require a vehicle title as collateral.

Generally, a lender needs proof of address, age or birth date, phone number, and identification. You must be over 18 years of age to qualify for an emergency loan even with bad credit.

Gross and net income details and your job details are also additional documents that are required. The lender may also need details of your job if employed full time or the source of income such as SSI or disability. You would also need to provide your bank account details to the lender.

Although you can pay back the loan in a series of payments, experts recommend paying more than the minimum due at each installment if possible, to lower the interest rates. If possible, paying up the entire amount owed is also recommended since you would be paying lesser than when you make use of the entire payment duration. Some lenders may charge a prepayment penalty, so it would be prudent to check if there are any early payment charges involved.

Different laws in different states will determine that amount of money your able to qualify for based on your criteria. Please use short term credit responsibly. Must be 18 years old to apply. WireLend is a publisher, not a lender.