Installment Loan Monthly Payments | No Typical Credit Check

Now you can get an installment loan with monthly payments and no typical credit check. 6 - 9 months to repay the small loan. Equal monthly payments with no faxing and funds can be sent direct to your bank. We have a vast network of lender that are very successful at getting people approved regardless if they have great or no credit.

The application takes a few minutes and then you will know if you have been matched with a direct lender. There will be no affect on your credit score with the 3 credit bureaus because our lenders do not check that score. If approved the direct deposit loan will be sent straight to your account. 

Small Loans with 6-9 Monthly Payments

Many people choose small installment loans over a payday loan because they have a set monthly payment schedule and do not auto renew every time you make a payment. Most loans allow 6 - 9 months to make payments. You have a set payment schedule that does not change as long as your make the scheduled payments. No collateral required. If you have no credit, or poor credit check with us and apply to today to see if we can get your qualified.

Monthly Installment Loans From $100 - $2500


Equal Payments Each Month

Read below for more info on credit checks and how they may affect your borrowing ability. Get an unsecured loan with bad credit deposited to your bank account by the next business day. Most lenders now use an ACH process and no longer wire money. 

What is a Typical Credit Check?

A typical credit check is generally pulled by a financial institution that is evaluating a credit decision. Most often this type of credit check will occur when applying for a mortgage or credit card. This type of check can lower your credit score for a period of time. Simply because if lots of institutions are running credit checks, means someone could be accumulating a lot of debt in a short amount of time. These inquiries will drop off your credit report in time. Something to be mindful of if you are applying for numerous credit cards or running other hard credit checks.

What is a Soft Credit Check?

Soft credit checks are typically ran by employers or even by yourself when checking your own credit score. These credit checks do not harm your credit score. Also you may see this report when applying to rent an apartment or signing up for a new phone. A soft credit check lenders can offer you small personal loans that may otherwise be impossible going through a traditional bank or credit union. 


Look For Loan Options That Fit You

Many lenders offer a loan with no typical credit check which is fine. This just means it does not affect your credit score and is not with the big 3 credit bureaus. Use your head when searching the internet for online lenders. It is easy to avoid trouble if you pay attention to the red flags.

How Do I Benefit From a Small Monthly Installment Loan?

Small loans with payment plans provide one of the a way for someone to budget their money and their payments. Set payments on set dates each month. Our lenders generally offer terms from 6 to 9 months. Each payment consists of principal and interest. The interest portion is largest at the beginning of the loan and steadily goes down and payments are made and the principal decreases.

Unlike a title loan where you have to use the title to your vehicle as collateral, the no credit loans with our lenders do not require collateral, they are unsecured. You know exactly what your payment will be each month and exactly when your loan will be paid off if you stick to the loan terms and schedule. A no hard credit check installment loan can help cover your short term loan needs.


So How Does the Online Loan Process Work?

Complete the application by clicking the "Apply Now" button above. Once you complete the application you will receive either a loan agreement from one of our lenders or you will receive a page stating we were unable to match you with a lender at this time. The application is free, you will not be charged. If you receive a small installment loan offer with equal monthly payments from a lender then you have the option to review it and can decide if it is right for you.

You can then choose to accept of decline the offer. If you decline the offer then your application is done and no further action is required. If you choose to accept the loan then all terms and agreements are between you and that lender. All questions should be directed to them at this point. In most cases you will have several months to pay the loan back. If you find yourself in an emergency and need a short term loan or just need to make a quick purchase, WireLend helps people cover their needs everyday.

How and When Do I Get the Money?

Funds are sent direct to your bank account. So in order to qualify you will need an open and active checking account. This is the reason banking information is a required field on the application. Because the money is sent from our lenders account to your, the money can only be sent on normal banking days. So if you are approved on a holiday or a weekend you will not see the money in your account until the next banking day.

Many online lenders will drag you along and require more information or documentation at each step along the way. That is not fair to you and that is why we setup one simple application. After you complete it you either receive an Installment loan offer or you don't. It's easy and doesn't drag you along with you thinking you will get a loan if you can jump through all the hoops. 

What is the Interest Rate?

The interest rate varies between the different lenders in our network. We are not able to quote you an APR because we are not a lender. If you complete the application and are matched with a lender, they will send you a loan agreement that will have all the information regarding interest rates and time frames. Please read all documents carefully before committing.

Small loans with equal monthly payments can really help people budget their financial needs and obligations. Each payment consists of principal and interest allowing you to reduce the balance on the loan every month, each time you make a payment. Regardless of your credit history we still want to try and help you get approved.