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Weekend emergency loan online from $1000 - $2500. Complete everything online from the comfort of your home and you could qualify for an emergency loan on the weekend. Even if it is Sunday you could still qualify for an emergency loan. Possibly get approved even on Saturday and Sunday. The funds could be delivered as soon as the next business day. All loan terms are between you and the lender, including the day the funds will be available.

Life is unpredictable when it comes to money matters. At times, certain situations arise, that can put you in a difficult position. In such situations, you may find that you need funds within a very short time frame, like on the weekend. But things can get quite difficult if you do not have the sufficient funds to cover you or if your savings are not enough for the time being. In such situations, one can avail the option of an emergency loan.


Weekend emergency loans, also known as signature installment loans are lent in small amounts without any collateral for security. These loans are also called unsecured loans since there is no collateral. These emergency loans can be paid off over the coming months so you do not have to come up with the full amount on your next payday.

Emergency Weekend Loans - You Could be Approved in Minutes 

Most emergency loans are granted by the next business day and they require very few documents. Documents required are usually a proof of identity such as a social security ID, passport, or a driver's license and a proof of income. These items can usually be attached to an email. We have lenders ready to process your application even on Saturday and Sunday.


Emergency loans can be a blessing to people in many ways. It is processed rather quickly, does not require a lot of paperwork, the loan amount can be used according to your discretion, and there is no risk of foreclosure. 

Installment Monthly Payments | Saturday and Sunday Loans

Emergency loans on the weekend can be especially helpful when other lending institutions are closed. Being approved on the weekend can help you plan and budget your money for the following week. It can help you to manage your expenses for a short period of time, until you can establish yourself. Emergency loans can lower the financial and emotional stress on a person that stems not knowing your financial future. Emergency loans are also used to help pay off other bills that you may or may not have been aware of. Weekend emergency loans are a great way to get ahead of your financial needs and get your plan in place. If you could use an emergency loan on Saturday or Sunday you can apply here today.

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Disclaimer: WireLend is not a lender. All terms are between you and the offering lender. You can qualify for a loan on the weekend. Funds still need to be transferred on regular banking days. Must be 18 to apply.